Birthdays hold a special place no matter how old you get. Young children look forward to this day, for months, and expect it to be magical. Now the Uttar Pradesh government will ensure that every single child going to government school is recognized on their birthday. This was initiated by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav to instil a feeling of “unity, harmony, and team work.”

The People’s CM has instructed all government and upper primary schools including Kasturba Gandhi Balika schools to celebrate the birthdays of every student, like how it is done in private institutions. According to guidelines each school must display the names of students who have birthday in a month, on coloured chart papers, and everybody’s birthday must be celebrated on the last weekend of the month. A small cultural event could be held on this day and to motivate the students, one professional must come to share his experiences with the student.
To make each child feel special, a small gift or card could be given to them.

The best part, the school will not charge any additional fee for this and will utilise the school funds. The schools already have a provision of mid-day meal so on the day of the celebration, the teachers can look into getting special food made. They have also been requested to highlight unique qualities and interests of the students, whose birthdays are being celebrated.

The staff and parents can innovate around these guidelines and make the day memorable for the children. This initiative by the Chief Minister will definitely motivate more young children to attend school, make them feel extra special, and hence improve the overall education of the state.