Celebrated to commemorate the season of Spring, Holi is celebrated all over India with a lot of zeal, love, and of course colours. In many parts of India, windows are not allowed to celebrate Holi or participate in other festivals. Sulabh International, an NGO, which takes care of 1,500 widows in Vrindavan and Varanasi have been steadily trying to change the mindset of the people. They have been organizing the festival in the ashram. But this year, the government under Akhilesh Yadav, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, organized Holi for ostracized widows at a famous temple to ensure that they are socially accepted. 1,200 kg of ‘gulal’ and 1,500 kg of flower petals were arranged for the event.

This two-day celebration has religious and spiritual importance too, where all people come together as one. Holi has special importance in Uttar Pradesh, where people observe and enjoy it for almost a week and it holds special flavours of festivity in each city.

The People’s CM also gave a special ‘Holi gift’ to Vrindavan widows by announcing a number of facilities for them. Their ashrams will be fitted with RO water purifying systems, water coolers, solar power plants, and water heaters. The socialist ideology of Samajwadi Party calls for every human to be treated equally and these ideals are held up by the CM at all times.