2015 saw the first ever Uttar Pradesh Travel Writers’ Conclave organized by Uttar Pradesh Tourism. The positive response and tremendous success called for a second edition in 2016, which was organized in association with Worldwide Media Pvt. Ltd. This week long event was kick started by UPCM Akhilesh Yadav by a humble inaugural ceremony on the 11th of October. During his interaction with team, the CM said, “Historic places in UP are interesting because of interesting anecdotes of existence besides their living traditions. I think you will have enough material to pen down.” He also insisted that the travel writers must be shown JP International and said that it is the newest tourist attraction in UP.

A team of 44 travel writers and bloggers from across the world came together to attend this week long festival to celebrate the rich culture of the state. The itineraries covered the length and breadth of three cities that form the core of Uttar Pradesh’s cultural heritage. The travel magazine brand, in association with Uttar Pradesh Tourism, leveraged its expertise to bring the best of the state to the visiting journalists and bloggers, including its culture, lifestyle, food, wildlife, and architecture. The journalists picked from between three designated tours each of Agra, Lucknow and Varanasi, in order to choose their preferred destinations and explore them fully.

The conclave also brought together ministers of the state and experts in the fields of conservation, planning, food, and architecture to help the state build a road map that will help to draw visitors from across India and across the world. Blogger, NP Prasad wrote, “Uttar Pradesh is ‘land of many Indias in one place’. Everything you can think about India is there is Uttar Pradesh. The better part is that each of the thing has an interesting story behind.”

The aim of this initiative is to promote the tourism avenues of Uttar Pradesh in the world through these writers and bloggers who are highly acclaimed and have a great reach. Many more tourists are expected to visit the statereading their articles in the papers and on the internet.

Chief minister Akhilesh Yadav’s chief adviser Alok Ranjan said the government is focusing on policies of development of infrastructure and inclusive growth apart from policies of tourism and eco-tourism. “UP has a lot more to offer than Taj Mahal in Agra or ghats in Varanasi and people need to be made of aware of these,” he said. Ranjan also talked about possibilities of promoting tourism in Chambal region and said state government had approved Rs. 20 crores for development of the region to attract more people.

Social Samajwadi is thoroughly impressed by the vision of the young CM for our state!