According to Budget 2016-17, the Uttar Pradesh government under the leadership of Akhilesh Yadav will target to supply power for at least 16 hours in rural areas and 22-24 hours in urban areas. Besides this, the government is determined to ensure 24×7 power supply without any power cuts from 2019-20. Arrangements are in place to increase the daily power supply from 11000 MW to 21000 MW. In lieu of this, the state government organized a Mini Grid Investor Conclave along with The Rockefeller Foundation in Lucknow.

“Uttar Pradesh has been taking several initiatives and steps to make sure that we provide reliable electricity in rural areas and I am proud that UP is the first state to come up with a Mini-Grid Policy,” the CM said while inaugurating the Conclave. At the event, the dynamic leader also challenged the promises of companies which claim of providing uninterrupted power supply, he said, “Aapne keh to diya ki 24 ghante bijli aayegi…par kya aisa hota hai…abhi Holi mein mere kshetra mein hi ghanton bijli nahi thi.”

“UP government plans to continue its efforts in providing electricity in rural areas in the state to improve the quality of lives and uplift the economy. I welcome the Rockefeller Foundation’s Smart Power for Rural Development Initiative to bring electricity to rural areas of Uttar Pradesh,” he further added which shows how determined he is to reach promising outcomes by the end of this event.

The Mini-Grid Investor Conclave will provide a platform for the mini-grid policies, representatives of the government, investors, entrepreneurs, and companies in the energy sector to discuss and reach mutual conclusions.