Sunday, the 8th of May, saw Saifai in a riot of colours. The small town in Uttar Pradesh was brimming with people from across the world. It became the host of the 14th International Youth and Cultural Festival. This was yet another initiative of the young Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav to put Uttar Pradesh on a global map. This event saw over 120 children from 12 countries taking part in the convocation.

Akhilesh Yadav inaugurated the cultural festival where the youth from different countries showcased their art, culture, languages, apart from other things. He beautifully embodied the event by saying, “The cultural interaction among children of different countries will help in spreading the message of unity and diversity across the world. Such interaction will help in increasing understanding among different people. Uttar Pradesh is land of diversity. It is home to many languages and dialects. These children will come face to face with this diversity and understand the culture of this state.”

Every year, this event is hosted in different parts of the country and it was the second time it was being staged in India. The 14th International Youth and Cultural Festival was organized by Uttar Pradesh’s Tourism and Cultural Department in Saifai’s Indoor Stadium. During the event, the young participants thanked the chief minister for hosting the event and presented him with a souvenir. Akhilesh Yadav assured everyone that there will be many more such events, hosted in the state.  

A few months
back, Uttar Pradesh also saw the inauguration of a Tourism Complex in Saifai
along with ‘Uttar Pradesh Travel Mart’ in Agra. UPCM has also announced 14th
February as Tourism Day in India apart from many initiatives to boost the
tourism of the state.