When Akhilesh Yadav got elected as the UPCM in 2012, Ghaziabad was in dire need of holistic growth. This city of Uttar Pradesh is also referred to as the ‘Gateway of UP’ because of its proximity to Delhi. The Young CM gifted multiple projects and schemes to the city for an overall development. Very recently, he visited Ghaziabad to see the work being done there.

Akhilesh Yadav inaugurated Aala Hazrat Hajj House in Ghaziabad and in an event later in the day distributed 1500 cycles to applicant, 31 tricycles to handicapped, 473 laptops to meritorious students, and around 2000 beneficiaries were given cheques under Samajwadi Pension Scheme. Under Akhilesh Government, the entire state is moving towards an era of unmatched development.


Here are the top five development projects run by Akhilesh Government in Ghaziabad:

  1. 10 acre of land has been converted into a sculpture park. To support the power needs for the same one 33/11 KV substation has been set up.
  2. Main parts of the city have been connected by bridges. Over National Highway-58, 42-metre-long three-lane bridge has been constructed. One major bridge has been set up over Hindon River reducing the travel time and distance for the residents by a great extent.
  3. Under Akhilesh Government, road network has been tremendously improved. Ghaziabad extension has been connected to the main city with 10 Km. elevated road.
  4. A new bus stop has been constructed at Dilshad Garden.
  5. Work on Ghaziabad Metro is going on in full swing to make transportation around the city cheaper and swifter.
  6. Maintenance and restoration is going on for all the existing roads in Modi Nagar, Bhojpur, and Banthala. Delhi-Bareilley-Lucknow highway is being restored which goes via Ghaziabad.
  7. Cycle tracks as part of ‘Clean UP, Green UP’ have been set up in Ghaziabad.
  8. A seven-storied Hajj House has been inaugurated in the city which will be able to host almost 2000 guests. All the facilities like banking, visa application, passport, etc. will be available at the House.
  9. Hindon River restoration work is being done in collaboration with international companies.
  10. Almost 3 lakh houses are being constructed under Akhilesh Government’s new housing scheme which will be priced at Rs. 15-30 lakh.

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Seeing the above projects, it is clear that Akhilesh Yadav is rapidly expanding the city of Ghaziabad and making it nothing short of phenomenal.