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Last month, the entire state celebrated Akhilesh Yadav’s birthday with a lot of fervour and zest. But 130 km away from the state capital, an ardent CM fan celebrated his idol’s birthday for 44 days in Faizabad. To honour the state’s chief minister he organized a 44-day long blood donation drive as this initiative has been very close to Akhilesh Yadav’s heart. But Dr. Ahish Pandey, a member of Samajwadi Party, didn’t know that he will save an infant’s life in the process.

Karthik, a 6-month old child was admitted in the district hospital in an extremely critical condition. The doctor asked the parents to arrange blood for Karthik or they might lose him. The parents could barely manage to feed themselves and all seemed lost for them. But when Dr. Pandey heard about this, he immediately went to the hospital with the desired blood type.

Apart from Karthik, almost a dozen people have been helped due to this blood donation camp which is marking Akhilesh Yadav’s 44th birthday. Till now more than 200 people have donated blood and more are pouring in to show their support towards the cause.

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Uttar Pradesh politics has been in news for the last few months and due to verbal profanity by few in the recent past, not appreciated. But amidst all of this, there are some who are keeping the humanity alive.

Social Samajwadi would like to thank Dr. Pandey for saving so many lives and showing how to celebrate the right way.