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Earlier, it was a hassle to apply for any transfers in government jobs, especially if you’re a teacher. To make this process transparent and to avoid any mistakes, Akhilesh Government has decided to launch an online application for the same. To be eligible for a transfer, the teachers will need to fulfil certain criteria which will be mentioned online. The application form will need to be completed along with their PAN numbers to minimise any errors.

After every 3 years, government teachers will now get transferred from one district to another. This will help them grow and will ensure the right channelizing of knowledge. The application forms will be available till 15th July, 2016 where they can fill in their preference. The allocations will be done by keeping these preferences in mind, depending upon the availability of spots.

The teachers will need to fill in their joining date, promotion details, bank account number, along with other important information. This is yet another important step by the young CM, Akhilesh Yadav to digitize the processes in the state.

Social Samajwadi would like to give credit to the Digital CM for his untiring efforts to make Uttar Pradesh technologically advanced.