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Akhilesh Yadav, the youngest CM of Uttar Pradesh has made same breakthrough additions to improve the law and order of the state. After internationally acclaimed Women Powerline 1090 and 911-inspired Dial 100, he is all set to ensure the complete safety of the citizens at ground level. He has directed the state police officials to ensure police patrolling every single day in every single area of the state.

Uttar Pradesh’s DGP Javeed Ahmad agrees with the People’s CM and has directed all the zonal police stations to set up this facility, at the earliest. The police officers and their sub ordinates will patrol the areas on foot to ensure that no crime takes place. He has also asked the senior officials to take lead and they will be held responsible for any mishap in their area.

DGP Ahmad called for a conference and issued the notice to increase the security at all police stations. A report has been generated for Manpower Audit Cell to monitor the number of police officials covering each area. Akhilesh Government has also decided to invest in better equipment for the officers and has directed the officials to look into any complaint filed during festivals, at priority. The police officers in Mathura have already been given body cameras to record the surroundings, at all points of time.

At the conference, every SSP has to submit a report card for their district for more transparency. The people in the state are definitely felling safer after these reforms and Social Samajwadi is proud of the young CM for such thoughtfulness.