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An imperative for digitization innovation and engagement has emerged in Uttar Pradesh under Digital CM, Akhilesh Yadav. To bridge the digital gap and improve the connectivity of the state with the rest of the world, the young CM has launched multiple schemes. Now the citizens of the state can enjoy a plethora of government services, from the comfort of their homes. Very recently, a women Pradhan of Sultanpur took an initiative to digitize her village. Let us see how she achieved this seemingly impossible task.

Bindu Singh is the Pradhan of Bhadaiyya in Sultanpur and ever since she has been elected by the people, she has been looking at innovative ways to help her village. Her biggest desire was to make sure that the local people can benefit from all the schemes being run by the state government under Akhilesh Yadav. She discussed the problem with her husband and finally came to a conclusion!

Bindu had set her heart and mind on digitalizing the village. She got a website made for the local people to inform them of all the government schemes running from which they can benefit. The online portal also keeps a track of the beneficiaries of the various initiatives to maintain the transparency. Ever since the website has come into place, many more people have benefitted from state policies.

Social Samajwadi would like to give credit to Akhilesh Yadav was paving the path to Digital UP.