Culture and art, not just showcase the talent but also brings together two countries. This was demonstrated when Kunwar Ranjeet Singh Chauhan from Uttar Pradesh was awarded with a Peace Award in Pakistan. Let’s trace Ranjeet’s footsteps and see how he arrived here.

In 2000, Ranjeet left Uttar Pradesh to go to Delhi in pursue of higher education and then went to Pune for further studies. Fate bought him back to Delhi where he started working in a Network Security company. All this while his love for poetry did not die and he kept thinking of ways to bring our nation closer to our neighbouring country, Pakistan.

To make this happen, in 2012, Ranjeet organized Jashn-e-Adab, an annual international poetry festival where he invited famous poets from India and Pakistan. This platform was meant to bind the two countries based on the culture and heritage that they have shared for ages. Some famous names like Kishwar Ahmad, Ataul, Haq Kashmi, amongst others graced the event with their performance.579574-jashn-e-adab-4th-edition-of-the-international-poetry-festival-2-2015

Jashn-e-Adab was hosted in multiple cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Roorkee, and Raebareilly. While doing all of this, Ranjeet of only 32 years of age, changed the perception of both the countries in his own way. For this achievement, the Pakistan Government decided to confer him with the Peace Award. Ranjeet was honoured with a trophy in Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium making him the first Indian ever to receive this prize.

Social Samajwadi is extremely proud of Kunwar Ranjeet Singh Chauhan from Uttar Pradesh and would like to quote one of his favourite poems.

उसने हमसे जान मांग ली,

हम भी तो बादशाह थे

जो कह गए सो कर गए