On 6th May, 2016 the Uttar Pradesh Police at Ghaziabad started a drive to numerically code every single auto rickshaw that traverses between Vaishali and Kaushambi Metro Stations. This initiative is being started by the Akhilesh Yadav-led government to make the passengers feel more secure while travelling in public transport. This scheme was thought of after the SnapDeal executive was kidnapped earlier this year. Although the quick thinking of the young chief minister and UP Police saved Deepti, measures are being taken to avoid such cases in the future.

This particular scheme to code the auto is aimed at increasing accountability of auto drivers. Stickers bearing unique codes are pasted on 320 autos after verification of relevant permits to ply in the area. These codes are easier to remember than the registration number and will have the phone number of circle officers which can be used to complain about a particular driver.

These stickers will also help in differentiating between authorised and unauthorised vehicles which are often found in Ghaziabad. “The coding process will allow the police department to keep tabs on auto rickshaw drivers and trace these vehicles easily in case of any complaints. The database of these coded auto rickshaws will provide us pertinent information in case of any untoward incident,” Atul Kumar Yadav, circle officer of Indirapuram police station, said.

There are display boards installed at Metro Stations with the help line numbers where any case can be reported along with notifying of any unverified auto. Any person travelling in these autos can now text their family these codes which can be traced in case of an emergency. The Uttar Pradesh Police will have the complete database of the autos, drivers, their permits, along with adequate photographs. This will serve as a pilot project and once proven to be successful, will be implemented in the rest of the state.

“The system is expected to streamline movement of autos in the city,” said a police official during the drive. We are sure that now the women will feel much safer travelling in these coded autos.