As the UP elections are approaching, the contesting parties are coming up with innovative ideas to get people’s attention. On one hand Congress is launching new faces to the UP Politics and on the other hand BJP is mocking the actual work done by Akhilesh Yadav, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh by floating obscene cartoons on social media platforms. The development done in Uttar Pradesh is clearly visible and needs no proclamation; is this the reason why other parties are getting intimidated by Samajwadi Government?

Akhilesh Yadav is busy working for the people of the state whereas BJP is busy getting work done from caricature artists. Very recently, the state government issued a video teaser called #KaamBoltaHai which talks about development done in the state under Akhilesh Government. This seemed to agitate the opposition and they released a cartoon to counter it!


Image 288.1_Social Samajwadi


As funny as it sounds, it is true. But also shames the people and democracy of the state by misusing the freedom of speech. Other contesting parties must understand that mocking the elected government is not going to lead them anywhere. It just portrays the sad truth that they really have nothing to showcase for the upcoming elections in the name of ‘development’. The actual truth can be seen in the projects done in the state, the election surveys conducted by media houses, and of course the fact as to how desperate the opposition is to get in the lime light; by hook or by crook.

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On one hand, we have Akhilesh Yadav calling the state ‘Ummidon ka Pradesh’, ‘Uttar Pradesh’; and on the other we have opposition parties calling us ‘Ulta Pradesh’, ‘Badhaal Pradesh’, ‘Tootti Ummidon ka Pradesh’. And they don’t stop there, they even go on to compare the chief minister of the most populous state of the country to an animal!

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But whatever said and done, this behaviour of ridiculing the 220 million people of Uttar Pradesh and their elected representative is not acceptable and definitely not funny. Hopefully, other parties learn from their past experience and public polls and start focusing on some actual work to be even part of the electoral race.