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Uttar Pradesh has been in the news for the last few years for its law and order. Being the most populous state in the country, it has seen its share of backslash. Many say that the law and order has become worse whereas others say that the graph only seems to have gone up because now people have more freedom to talk about it and get their complaints registered. Let us see the reforms made by Akhilesh Yadav, the current CM of the state in this field to improve the law and order.

For the purpose of maintaining law and order in the state, Uttar Pradesh is split into 8 police zones. Each zone is headed by IGP (Inspector General of Police) and each zone is constituted by 2-3 police ranges. The state has a total of 18 police ranges and each is headed by Deputy Inspector General of Police. With a total of 75 police districts, each headed by an SSP, Uttar Pradesh police is often in the news.

1090 Powerline

Uttar Pradesh Women Powerline 1090 was launched on 15th November by Akhilesh Yadav to cater to any complaints made by women of the state. This internationally acclaimed, around the clock portal has resolved more than 4 lakh cases in just 3 years.


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Dial 100

This channel has been launched by Akhilesh Yadav for prompt action in a fixed minimum time limit by sharing the information received through phone calls with the concerned police station and other officers. This system will be monitoring the police action continuously till the problem is solved. There are 3200 four wheeler and 1600 two wheeler vehicles with GPS system which will be sent to the spot for action. The advantage of this ultra-modern control room will be easily available to the rural and urban areas and the relief will be made available immediately to the victim concerned. The call centre of Dial 100 has a current capacity of 300 personnel, at the moment.

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A twitter handle started by the UPCM with an aim to provide prompt integrated services for public safety. This can be used by all citizens, any time of the day. Social media platforms are being used excessively these days; Akhilesh Yadav decided to make the most of it. People can now upload complaints, pictures, videos, and documents. The lead will be followed and resolved by Dial 100.

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Cyber Cell

Uttar Pradesh’s first cyber crime cell was inaugurated in the beginning of 2016. It is technically supported by NASSCOM and furnished with state of the art tools to solve cases related to financial fraud, data theft, and social media crimes. This cell will also be helping other states to solve crimes.


Mobile App for Criminal Tracking

This app will help the Uttar Pradesh Police during field jobs like raids or checking vehicles on the road. Autos can be tracked using this app and information can be sent to the family or police in case of an emergency.

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The pilot e-Police Station will have its headquarter in the state capital, Lucknow at the Crime Record Bureau. Thanks to this scheme, the residents of the state will now be able to lodge an FIR online. They will not have to visit the police station, at all. It will all be possible via the UP Police website. The FIR will be accepted or rejected by the police station in-charge. Status of the report will be issued within 48 hours and the complainant will be informed via e-mail or SMS.

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To regulate traffic offences on city streets, a modern control room was pressed into service in March last year. Photographs of motor vehicles breaking traffic rules were clicked through a network of cameras installed in the city and tickets were sent to vehicle owners’ houses via post.

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These are some of the most successful initiatives launched by Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav to ensure the betterment of law and order in the state and make people feel safer at all times.