Uttar Pradesh can now be safely called a clear leader when it comes to employing technology for better management. After huge success of 1090 Women Powerline and mobiles apps to lodge FIRs, this seems like the next big thing. Criminal mapping which has been initiated by the Uttar Pradesh government, under Akhilesh Yadav, will help the administration and public be more aware.

In this initiative, every crime will be fed and mapped in Google which will be visible to the police personnel as well as the people travelling or living in that area. The mapping has already been started from the 1st of April, 2016 and will not discriminate on the kinds of crimes.

IG PAC Ashutosh Pandey who is heading this project, said, “The ambitious plan of the UP police will be an important step towards making it high-tech. Crime data from the last 3 years is being updated on Google. 5 zones have been covered along with their time and place of occurrence.”

The Digital CM has always believed in a ‘balanced growth’. He says, “Our goal is a balanced growth; a development where we can strike a balance between all aspects and move ahead together.”

Other states must surely learn a thing or two from Uttar Pradesh.