Situated on Azamgarh-Balia Road, Sathiaon is known for its sugar mills. Adding another feather to its hat, Akhilesh Yadav inaugurated the Sathiaon sugar mill and a cogeneration plant of 15 MW in Azamgarh, which was shut down 10 years ago. The young Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has done what the previous governments could not achieve, in mere 10 months and refurbished the sugar mill. The state government has announced a support of Rs 250 crore in Budget 2016-17 for the sugar mills.

This mill would also have a distillery unit and a co-generation power plant of 15 MW capacities. The crushing capacity of the mill will be 3,500 MT per day. During the inauguration, the People’s CM also announced to construct an astro-turf hockey stadium in Azamgarh. He also laid the foundation of 34 projects costing Rs 638 crore and inaugurated 38 projects completed with the expenditure of Rs 554 crore. The CM said, “During the last four years the Samajwadi Party government has changed the profile of the state by unleashing all-round development of the state, particularly the development of the infrastructure.”

We agree with you, Akhilesh Sir.