Ministry of Rural Development of India initiated a campaign, ‘Adopt a Village’ which inspired members of parliament of all political parties to adopt a village each and to ensure its holistic growth. This scheme is also known as Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna as it aims at the development of model villages or Adarsh Grams through correct implementation of existing schemes and creating new ones on the local front, which vary village to village. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also adopted a village at the launch and so did the other MPs in 2014.

After 22 months, the Central Government decided to go and check personally the development done in these adopted villages. After a complete survey of all the adopted villages in the country, a report card of the progress was sent to the central authorities.

Kannuj’s MP Dimple Yadav had adopted Saiyyadpur Sakri at the same time and after the inspection made place in the Top 5 Adarsh Grams in the country. This small village has proper concrete-cement roads, electricity, potable water, schools, bank, hospitals apart from all the basic facilities. The children can be seen enjoying the mid-day meals and the elders benefitted from Samajwadi Party’s schemes like the Janeshwar Mishra Gram Yojna.

The Rural Development Ministry were thoroughly impressed with the progress in Uttar Pradesh and they took pictures as an inspiration for other villages. PM Modi’s adopted village could not make it to the Adarsh Gram list which again raised questions on the development done by Central Government.

The people of Kannauj are extremely happy with this feat and could be seen leading a content lifestyle in their small Adarsh Gram.