The Uttar Pradesh government is working relentlessly on ways to make electricity available in all rural and urban areas. Inspite of that, a lot of times, people try to find ways to get away from paying the electricity bill. Such shenanigans often lead to serious accidents. This is exactly what happened in Saifai, Etawah when 7 shops caught fire and were burned down to the ground. Fire fighters immediately reached the spot of fire and took control of the situation.

But, everything was not as it seemed. A few minutes later, there was a cylinder explosion, followed by two more which caused further devastation. One shop keeper, Virendra Singh, also lost his life due to the impact. When this news reached the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav, he immediately extended financial help to the family of the deceased victim of Rs. 5 lakh. He also assured help to the other vendors who got affected due to this incident.

The locals are saying that one of the shopkeepers was trying to illegally get electricity and hence there was a short circuit. The People’s CM has also directed the police officials to look into the matter and find the actual cause of fire.