A first of its kind initiative by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav was inaugurated on 4th December 2015. It was Bird Festival in Uttar Pradesh, held in Agra. This was done for quite a few reasons. In an attempt to promote the state as an international bird watching being one of them and also to spread awareness about conservation of threatened bird species.

To be a part of this, more than 100 bird watchers of international fame visited the state. International governments and other bodies showed support and have decided to sign a contract for the conservation of wildlife in Uttar Pradesh. Akhilesh Yadav also actively participated in bird watching and joined the expedition at Chambal Safari Lodge. Uttar Pradesh, being the biggest state of the country is blessed with 330 species of resident and migratory birds and to preserve their habitat multiple steps are being taken by the state government

As part of the Festival, there were cultural events at night, tents were put up for guests to rest in, and an exhibition of exclusive photos was organized. Various schools were also invited to be a part of this to instil an interest for safeguarding the environment.

The People’s CM also announced, “An MoU has been signed between the UP Government and Wildlife International’s Jim Lawrence to help organize the bird festival every year in Chambal which will increase the popularity of the Chambal region as a prime eco-tourism spot in UP.”

Thank you, Sir, for this progressive initiative.