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Very soon, Lucknow University students will be seen doing forensic investigations. This has been possible due to tireless efforts of Akhilesh Government to expedite the processes. In lieu of which, they have signed an MoU between university’s Anthropology Department and State Forensic Lab. This will benefit the state in more than one ways.

Earlier each investigation specimen would cost Rs. 800 but once a local lab is in place, the cost will be reduced to almost 1/4th of the price and amount to Rs. 250. Every month, the UP Police sends at least 200 samples and due to lack of staff, the entire process takes a minimum of 15 days. But once the Anthropology Department takes control and trains its students, they will get employment and speed up the process and complete the work in two to three days.

Experts from the State Lab will train the students along with the faculty of Lucknow University, which will start from the senior most batch. A mini lab will be established for this and the students will be allowed to work at the main lab, as well. This initiative by Akhilesh Yadav, will directly help the citizens of the state. They will be able to get the results of any investigation from a centralized location without having to contact a private consultant who might charge them excess money. And not just that, it also opens a lot of opportunities for the youth of the state.

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