A 24-year-old woman, Dipti Sarna, was allegedly abducted on her way back from work in Ghaziabad on the night of 10th February 2016. The whole country was in a frenzy when her employers, SnapDeal, floated #HelpFindDipti. Dipti was last seen boarding a shared auto rickshaw from Vaishali Metro station to the Ghaziabad bus stand. Just before she went missing, she made a call to her father at 8.17 pm, saying that the auto driver was going in the wrong direction; before the call was disconnected.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav took this as a priority and instructed SSP Ghaziabad to personally head the search operation for Dipti.

According to sources, Dipti would call her parents every night, to inform them that she on her way back, just like she did on the 10th night. She also called a friend in Bangalore, who reported to the police that Dipti could be heard scolding the driver for taking the wrong route. After this, her phone was switched off.

The whole incident was brought to light when Dipti did not reach the bus stand, where her father was waiting for her. Mr. Sarna immediately filed an FIR. Police teams were dispatched to look for her on the route, she had allegedly taken.

But when this matter was brought to the notice of Akhilesh Yadav, through social media platform he immediately instructed the police to increase the strength of the search parties. Almost 200 officers were put on the task. The operation lasted 30 hours before the girl was reunited with the family. The Uttar Pradesh worked under the guidance of DGP Javed Ahmed.

Thank you, Akhilesh Sir, for prioritising the safety of women!

Image Source: Tweeted by Snapdeal.