Akhilesh Government has made some phenomenal additions in the medical sector since 2012. From launching country’s largest ambulance service and providing free treatment for incurable diseases, Akhilesh Yadav has truly given Uttar Pradesh the much needed holistic development. After setting up multiple medical colleges and hospitals, another state-of-art innovation has been introduced which is making people extremely happy; an advance ambulance for heart patients.

These technically advanced vehicles will be used to transport a heart patient to the nearest hospital and on the way provide basic first aid. This will help the patient tremendously as he or she will now get immediate medical attention and will not have to wait till they reach the hospital.image-290-1_social-samajwadi

Advance Ambulance will provide pre-trauma life support to the patient along with paediatric advance life support system. It will be fitted with the latest medication administration and cardiac life support systems. Along with an ECG machine the vehicle will be complete with cardiac monitoring machinery. The attendant accompanying the patient will be well trained to deal with the processes of the above systems.

Until now, the people would call 108 Samajwadi Ambulance Seva in case of a heart attack or other emergencies but now with this new addition, the patients and their families will have other avenues of help. Akhilesh Government launched this in lieu of the fact that earlier the lack of high-tech systems in the ambulance itself has caused panic; but not anymore!