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Chief Election Commissioner, Nasim Zaidi, announced the dates for the upcoming Assembly Elections in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur, and Goa. Starting from 4th February and commencing with vote counting on 11th March, these Elections have garnered a lot of attention. Especially in Uttar Pradesh, where the polling will be done in even phases.

These elections are of utmost importance as they are leading way for the 2019 elections for the centre. People are becoming political analysts overnight and passing their ‘valuable’ comments on the events leading to a major thriller, which these elections are going to be. Polls are surfacing overnight, ‘predicting’ the next CM of Uttar Pradesh.

UP General Elections are mostly being seen as a four-sided battle between SP, BSP, BJP, and Congress. The ruling Samajwadi Party is dealing with its own internal feud and similarly, other parties are juggling with other issues. Let us see what Markandey Katju, former Supreme Court judge has to say about it on his social media platform. The former judge wrote, “My own prediction is a clear majority for the Samajwadi Party led by Akhilesh Yadav, possibly even a two-third majority, and the BJP will be routed, getting even less than the BSP seats.”




Justice Katju cited ten reasons for his opinion and shed light on the polling pattern of Uttar Pradesh which hasn’t changed in the last many elections. He indicated that the voting in India’s most populous state is based on caste and religion. Demonetization is the biggest agenda of BJP for the upcoming elections in various states, especially Uttar Pradesh. For this Katju said, “Demonetisation was perhaps done to create a wave, but it has not succeeded in doing so. The common man, small and middle-level businessman, farmers, etc. have been hard hit.”

To win the election, a party need not get 50% votes; all it needs is 30%. Delving into BJP’s vote bank, the 70-year-old says that they will only get 26% votes while BSP’s vote bank accounts to 22%. Congress has never been a strong party in UP and the benefit of all this will be borne by the Akhilesh-led party.

Talking about the Samajwadi Party’s internal war, he had some strong sentiments to share. He posted, “After the recent dramatic developments in UP and emergence of Akhilesh Yadav as the sole leader of SP it seems clear that the Muslims will vote unitedly for the SP led by Akhilesh, and will not split their votes. This is because the party under Akhilesh has emerged as a new party, a new SP without the tarnished image of the old. Till now Akhilesh was perceived as a Chief Minister whose hands were tied by his father, uncle, etc. and he was not a free man. But now he is free of those constraints. Moreover, Akhilesh is a young modern-minded man and has a clean image.”

Markandey Katju’s reasoning resonates with the common man and his post was well appreciated with thousands of likes and shares in only a few hours. To read his full analysis, you can check out the write-up on