Mathura has been in the news due to The Elephant Conservation and Care Centre, which rescued 4 elephants from illegal captivity. It is the first of its kind in India and has special facilities to care for rescued elephants from circuses where they were subjected to cruelty. Run by the Wildlife SOS, it has pools for hydrotherapy, as well as facilities for digital x-ray, foot care equipment and a team of veterinarians specially trained for providing foot care and geriatric care to elephants. Elephants who suffer from arthritis and other ailments as well as lifestyle diseases are also cared for and treated here. The facility also has India’s first elephant ambulance, equipped with hydraulic pumps and veterinary facilities.

The care centre was visited by Maneka Gandhi, a Union Minister and wildlife activist. She thanked Akhilesh Yadav, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for his support. She said, “The Uttar Pradesh government and Wildlife SOS have created a unique model by establishing India’s first elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre. I am hopeful that other state governments will follow the model.” She also asked the Uttar Pradesh tourism department to put the rescue centre on the tourism map.

This is one of the many initiatives of the People’s CM to encourage wildlife. Some of the examples are Lion Safari at Etawah and Chambal’s jungle restoration.