‘IAS Week’ was a regular feature in Uttar Pradesh till it was discontinued by the previous government but resumed in 2013 by Akhilesh Yadav, the current Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. In 2016, this four-day long event was organized in Lucknow and saw the all the civil servants of the state come together to celebrate and ideate.

Akhilesh Yadav said, “it allows administrators to discuss key issues related to the state and arrive on a common solution,” while welcoming the officials at the inaugural ceremony. The event started with a series of programmes like the drawing competition, rangoli, fancy dress and fashion parade for families of civil servants. The senior administrative conference was briefed by Alok Ranjan, the chief secretary and attended by principal secretaries of 12 departments. The IAS officials had the opportunity to ask them questions and participate in discussions.

The field officials also made presentations on best practices in their districts for others to learn from. For instance, the DM Bijnor on efforts made by the administration to make the district open defecation few; DM Mau on effective implementations on the national employment guarantee free, and so on. Special secretary to CM, Amit Gupta, also made a presentation on the Integrated Grievance Redressal mechanism put in place by the Samajwadi Party. New government schemes in the pipeline or recently implemented were also discussed.

With more than 550 members in the UP cadre, it is not only the largest contingent in the country, but has produced the brightest in the past. The enriching IAS week was concluded with a cricket match between CM XI and CS XI, which saw the CM putting his best foot forward.