akhilesh_yadav_20160627_350_630Uttar Pradesh’s Youngest CM, Akhilesh Yadav speaks about his vision for the state’s development, especially for the youth in an interview with LiveMint.

When asked, “What is your big vision for the state’s development? Especially for the youth, and given that you are among the youngest chief ministers in the country.

This is what he said,

“With an increased emphasis on skill development and industrialization, the Samajwadi Party government will look to provide jobs to a large number of youths in the state in as short a span of time as possible. No other government had provided jobs in such large numbers earlier.

Besides, the government is filling up vacant posts in various departments in a big way. We have launched the Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Mission, the largest and first of its kind integrated, employment-linked skill development programme for youths between 14 and 35 years of age across 75 districts.

With a long-term strategic vision of our government, the Free Laptop Distribution Scheme was launched to improve the digital baseline of the state and to prepare the young workforce of the country basically from rural background who are already IT empowered to take on the competitive world. Under this scheme, about 15 lakh laptops were distributed to Class XII pass students.

It can be termed as one of the most popular and successful schemes of one government. Other state governments are now following the example set by the Samajwadi government.

This scheme provided an opportunity to the rural as well as economically weak students to work on laptops and carve a better future for themselves. It also helped in removing the fear of technology from their minds. It boosted their confidence as well. Now, you can go to any obscure village in the state where the laptop has reached, you will find that the students are using it with great interest and confidence. It has changed their lives. Our effort has proved successful in bridging the digital divide.

Besides, the state government has already opened recruitments for vacant posts in the government sector. A large number of youths will be getting jobs. About 15,000 lekhpals (a clerical-level post) are going to be recruited. Written examination has been conducted for these vacancies. Moreover, a large number of policemen have already been recruited. In the near future, vacancies from many more departments would be advertised and the youths would be given jobs.

Besides, our efforts to involve the private sector in the industrial development of the state has created a large number of job opportunities for the youth in this sector as well. For example, 108 and 102 ambulance services, besides playing a crucial role in saving precious lives, have also opened job avenues for the youth.

The state government is seriously focusing on the education of girls. It is also focusing on the uplift of the girls belonging to economically weaker sections. In this light, the state government is providing many facilities and financial assistance to them. Our government is also focusing on the welfare of women.

The 1090 women power helpline has been implemented with the objective of safeguarding the dignity of women. Besides, the Rani Laxmi Bai Mahila Samman Kosh has been established with a budgetary provision of Rs.100 crore for the welfare of women.

The government is implementing the Samajwadi Pension Yojana from its own resources. It is the largest social security scheme for the poor in India. Women family heads have been made the beneficiary of this scheme, which has resulted in the enhancement of their status.”

Social Samajwadi is proud of our Young CM and his revolutionary ideas for the upliftment of the youth of the state.