Akhilesh Yadav, the young CM of Uttar Pradesh has been a true Samajwadi or a socialist when it comes to his ideologies. One fine example of this is, the Lohia Grameen Bus Yojna. Along with Lucknow Metro and making new airports, he has also started bus service for people to travel inter and intra state.

In accordance with Uttar Pradesh State Transport Corporation (UPSRTC), most of the districts have extra buses running under Lohia Grameen Bus Yojna. Now what makes them unique is that they have fares 25% cheaper than other services. Extra buses will also mean that the requirement of the passengers will be met during peak season when everyone wishes to be with their loved ones.

Earlier in 2012, buses in rural areas were discontinued because of poor roads and lack of infrastructure. The maintenance of buses and tyres was rising up. But Akhilesh Yadav hit two birds with one stone. He not only improved the roads and beautified the old one, he also resumed and added new bus services.

The People’s CM has touched lives with such selfless schemes. He said, “Launch of affordable ‘Lohia gramin bus seva’, with 25 per cent lower fares, has received accolade from the people and it needs to be expanded further keeping in view the size of the state and the population.”