UPCM Akhilesh Yadav has been often seen lending a helping hand to the needy and even going out of the way, if needed. Unlike others, he not just thinks of urban development but also rural upgradation. One of the major issues faced by rural population around India is that of having inadequate housing facilities. And in times of inflation, being able to afford a house is very difficult and almost impossible for many. Thus, to counter this situation, Akhilesh Government has come up with ‘Lohia Gramin Awaas Yojna’- an initiative to provide housings to the rural residents.




One such beneficiary of the scheme is Ramesh Kacchi, who with help of the scheme got his dream home. Here’s his story:
Ramesh Kacchi, a resident of District Lalitpur was leading a life of hardships with his wife Sarju, two daughters, and a son. In the name of a house, they had a crudely built thatched hut. While others would enjoy the changing seasons, Ramesh and his family’s life turned miserable with every changing season. During summers, they faced hot blowing winds and during monsoons, they would have to deal with water filling up their living area. Unable to detach himself from the roots and leave the village, the family was seen combating each weather but in vain.

According to the criteria of the Lohia Gramin Awaas Yojna, Akhilesh Government found Sarju, wife of Ramesh, as an eligible candidate. After selecting Sarju as the beneficiary under the scheme, an amount of Rs. 2,75,000 was deposited in her bank account in two instalments. This aid was granted to help her build a shelter for her family in the same village she resides in. She got her house built as per the layout approved by the development authorities. With an overhead expense of Rs. 30,000, a Solar Power Pack was integrated within the house which is sufficient to run a fan, a solar light, and a charging point. Along with this, a toilet was constructed beside the house with an expenditure of Rs. 12,000.



It has been 3 months since Ramesh and his family are living happily in a proper house in Lalitpur. The Lohia Gramin Awaas Yojna has not only changed her life but has raised her family’s standard of living and respect in the village. A proper house and toilet has also improved the family’s overall state of health and hygiene. Now they feel more secure and are equipped with renewed energy to invest in their wellbeing. The children are studying in the Local Primary Schools and with the augmentation of the solar lights, they can study during nights without any hurdle. Sarju says, “This is not less than a dream come true in our life. This would not have been possible without the Government’s scheme and aid, as we can only dream of building such a house by our own means. The State Government is doing commendable welfare of the rural fraternity with its ‘Lohia Gramin Awaas Yojna’ scheme. More and more rural and poor people should get benefit of this scheme.”



Ramesh is one of the many people whose life has been changed under the visionary leadership of Akhilesh Yadav. Social Samajwadi would like to extend its gratitude for the sense of social security which people of rural Uttar Pradesh experience on a daily basis, due to Akhilesh Government.