An evening of fun and frolic during the Ganjing Carnival became even better when Akhilesh Yadav, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh announced that Hazratganj will be a Free Wi-Fi zone. The main bazaar of Ganj will be the country’s first market in a non-metro to experience unlimited access to the internet, rolled out on fibre optics for 100 metres.

This initiative was taken by the CM to attract more people to Hazratganj, which was witnessing dwindling young crowd since the ‘mall culture’ took over the old age shopping experience of the people. Apart from this, it will allow students to download better study and research material, even if they cannot afford internet services on their own. Pilot projects also show that people with relatives abroad use this to facilitate video calling, give online interviews, and for entertainment purposes.

“The Wi-Fi internet service provided by Reliance will not be limited to Hazratganj but will extend to other parts of Lucknow and across state. We plan to provide the service at all prominent tourist places of UP,” said the young chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav said. The People’s CM has always focused on boosting the tourism in UP and the results are clearly visible.

Apart from launching Free Wi-Fi for the residents of Lucknow, he also inaugurated multiple schemes at the Ganjing Carnival, which would boost public participation, tourism, and trade in the Hazratganj market.