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The garden visible in the picture above is one man’s hardwork!

Dr. N. B Singh is a botany professor at Allahabad Central University, Uttar Pradesh. He got so attached to the subject that he started planting trees and plants in and around the campus. At present, he has planted more than 3000 plants. Dr. Singh started on it as a hobby in 2013 and has inspired many, since then.

Earlier, Dr. Singh, like everyone else used to travel in a car, but now he has given that up and changed his ride to a more sustainable and healthier one; a cycle. He also encourages his students and colleagues to adopt it. In China, the national vehicle is a bicycle, and he points out that we too must go in for this revolutionary change.

The professor has established his own nursery in the campus, where he has planted multiple trees and shrubs of ornamental and medicinal value. Dr. Singh also gives away plants to people, for absolutely no charge. Along with a free plant, he also gives valuable advice to look after the plant and how to take care of it.

Social Samajwadi would like to salute his spirit and encourage everyone to be inspired by him.