“The will to win,

The desire to succeed,

The urge to reach your full potential

These are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”-Confucius

And very rightly so, this was demonstrated by this mountain biker from Uttar Pradesh, Pallavi Fauzdar. This young woman of 35, from Agra proved everyone wrong when she did the unimaginable. She biked to the Mana Paas which is also known as the Zero Point at 18,774 feet and made a place in the Limca Book of Records. She rode a Bajaj Avenger 220 Motorcycle and reached the tip of Dungrila, becaming the first woman solo biker to achieve the highest motorcycling height.

When asked, Pallavi said, “Life is very difficult at Zero Point which is almost the China border. Nobody could reach there. People left midway. We are not allowed to stay at the point, we must come back immediately because of the lack of oxygen.” She describes her journey as spiritual when she took a risk and stayed at the peak for a while and motorcycling as an adrenaline rush. The expedition involved inclined boulder tracks, numerous water crossings, snow-covered roads and low oxygen levels, she added.

Pallavi claims of having felt the divine power from up close. Pure and quiet is how she remembers the top before she had breathing problems and had to descend. The road to the China border is also very difficult to ply. It took the bikers 6 hours to climb up 55 kms.

Fauzdar also elaborated on the expenses of the trip, which were huge. The price of petrol was as high as Rs. 500 per litre in remote areas. “But I had to prove a woman could do it too, with courage and determination. I have now travelled to the Satatola and Horila passes, that no male biker has been to, either. It’s funny and weird, but when I finished my fifth pass above 5000 metres, after which I made the record, I was not satisfied. I wanted more. So I went for three more, and have a record for covering eight Himalayan passes, all above 5,000 metres, in 16 days.”

But here are a few lesser known facts about Pallavi. From a modest family, she has been awarded Virangana Award and Navdurga Award for other brave biking acts in the past. And this wasn’t her first record in the Limca Book, she has also created history by going to Laddakh as a solo woman biker. When not biking, she is a niche jewellery designer and a mother of two.

Akhilesh Yadav, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh felicitated Pallavi for bringing laurels to the state and gave her the title of ‘The Outstanding Global Woman of UP’.