With Youth Literacy Rate in India being at 90.2% a lot of reforms are being brought in by the Uttar Pradesh Government to improve it. A number of people are being funded in order to sustain their education. The maximum drop-out rate from schools is due to the financial condition of the student and his/her family. One such 13-year old boy from Nagla village, Etawah, has a story which resonates with this!

Harendra Singh Chauhan was forced to leave school and start working to feed his family and fulfil his dream to study. He collected some money, bought a weighing machine, and sat at Noida City Centre Metro station. On the first day, he ended up making Rs. 60!

Tables turned for young Harendra when his picture went viral on social media platforms and caught the eye of our young ‘People’s CM’. He was facilitated by UP’s Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav, and awarded a cheque of Rs. 5 Lakhs to continue his education. Akhilesh Yadav has always emphasised on educating the youth as he believes that, a nation cannot progress without education. He doesn’t want financial crisis to be a hindrance in the education of the deserving.

“Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Noida Rajesh Yadav called me in his office two days ago and told me that the Chief Minister wanted to meet my son and me. He accompanied us to Lucknow, on Sunday,” said Harendra’s overwhelmed father, Ram Gopal.

During the ceremony, the 9th standard student of Sri Krishna Inter College who is now living his dream, courtesy Akhilesh Yadav, said, “since my father was not doing any work and my elder brother was also jobless, I decided to earn to meet my education fees and also support the daily needs of my family”. His invincible spirit is truly an inspiration for others.

We wish Harendra and many others like him, a bright future!

Image Source: India Today