1090 is a Women Powerline operated by the Uttar Pradesh Police Department to help women 24×7. This one-state-one number was initiated by Akhilesh Yadav, the young Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in 2012 to handle cases of harassment. Women can access this help line from anywhere in the state and anonymously lodge a complaint against the miscreants to a woman police officer.

To increase the outreach, Uttar Pradesh government is innovating around it. They have launched ‘power angels’, a campaign where they will be selecting 1000 girls as Special Police Officer (SPO). More than 86,000 girls have applied for this position and more applications are pouring in. They eventually aim at selecting 2 lakh girls across the state and train them for assisting police in curbing crime against women.

‘Power Angels’ girls will keep an eye on their surroundings and inform the police about cases of harassment or domestic violence, which often go unreported, while being anonymous. The initiative is based on a research done in US which states that a girl can influence 8-10 of her peers, which means 20 lakh girls from the state will be empowered. The girls will be made aware of laws relating to women, explained the working of police, maintaining one’s health and hygiene, accessing government system and other things.

Since its establishment, more than 4 lack cases have been registered and solved. This initiative is being internationally acclaimed and will be replicated by the rest of the country too.

Thank you, Akhilesh Sir, for empowering women.