Uttar Pradesh has been in the news for the last few years for its law and order. Being the most populous state in the country, it has seen its share of backslash. But this only led to CM Akhilesh Yadav bringing the world’s largest emergency response system to Uttar Pradesh – ‘UP100’. This channel was launched by UPCM for prompt action in a fixed minimum time limit by sharing the information received through phone calls with the concerned police station and other officers. This system monitors the police action continuously till the problem is solved. There are 3200 four-wheeler and 1600 two-wheeler vehicles with GPS system which have been sent to the spot for action across UP.

The advantage of this ultra-modern control room are available to the rural and urban areas and the relief is made available immediately to the victim concerned. UP100 was launched on 19th November and in just a month’s time this service has created headlines and saved lives.

Let’s have a look at the few of the success stories of UP100:

In Gorakhpur, a shopkeeper was mobbed on the street. He immediately dialled the emergency service number and within 10 minutes, the UP Police was tracking down the con men.


A similar incident happened in Kotwali, where a few men snatched a woman’s purse before fleeing. The people at the crime scene, immediately called UP100 to report the incident. In 10 minutes or so, the UP Police reached the crime scene and nabbed the robbers.



In another incident in Hamirpur, UP100 saved two young girls from their kidnappers. The force reached the victims in mere 5 minutes after being reported a possible sighting.



In Kaasganj, a road accident was reported to UP100. In 4 minutes, much before the ambulance, UP Police reached the spot and moved the injured to the nearest hospital; saving his life.




Apart from this, UP100 helped an unconscious person to the nearest hospital in Varanasi; intervened a street fight in Rohaniya; nabbed wanted criminals, ceased illegal arms and alcohol across the state. There are numerous cases where UP Police has come forward to save the day and most of it has been possible due to hi-tech facilities given to them by Akhilesh Yadav.

Social Samajwadi would like to salute the UP Police for being brave, every single day!