Basic necessities, like a decent house to live in, are a must for any person. And this is what our young CM thought when he announced the Samajwadi Party Awas Yojna. This scheme is for affordable housing for lower and middle class family who would otherwise be unable to sustain it on their salaries.

Seeing the growth of urbanization under Samajwadi Party, Akhilesh Yadav saw the need for such schemes in 2014 and began work on the same. The Uttar Pradesh government set a target to build 40,000 houses under Samajwadi Party Awas Yojna by 2016 across Uttar Pradesh. These houses will cost between Rs. 15 lakh to Rs. 30 lakh with fixed ceiling rate. Speaking on the occasion, People’s CM stressed for constructing quality houses that can resist damages during earthquakes under this scheme. "The recent earthquakes in Nepal damaged many buildings in UP as well. We should make sure that the new houses resist the quakes, if any in future", said the CM during the launch of the scheme. 

Lack of information and transparency in official transactions made people apprehensive. But the young CM reaffirmed the faith of the people by making them aware of the laws, policies, and procedures. All the details about the housing scheme along with application forms, registration procedure, location, flat details, and costs can be filled and found online at Awas Bandhu website (

Allocation has already started for Samajwadi Awas in Moradabad, Noida, Anand Vihar, Bareilly, Gorakhpur, Allahabad, Lucknow, Meerut, Ghaziabad, along with other places. The housing units have been constructed by various development authorities and UPHDB along with private developers.