Uttar Pradesh because of its population has attracted multiple health developments in the last few years. An acute need to have emergency ambulance service in the state motivated and encouraged Akhilesh Yadav to launch 102 and 108 Ambulance Service. Better known as Samajwadi Ambulance Sewa, this is a free of cost, round the clock ambulance service.

This was initiated by the Uttar Pradesh chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav, on the eve of completing six months in office. In case of an emergency, one can call 102 or 108, a toll free number and get connected to the ambulance helpline. Upon receiving a call, the ambulance service guarantees to reach you in 20 minutes. These vehicles are fitted with adequate first aid, medical equipment, and medicine to support the patient before they reach the hospital.

The company that provides these services for government run hospitals in 17 states has responded to 4.6 crore emergency cases so far. Sanjay Khosla, the Chief Operating Officer for UP said that around 57 lakh people have benefitted from 102 and 108 ambulance services since its inception. “In UP, on an average, we receive 65,000 calls for 102 and 43,000 for 108 ambulance services. The calls are answered by well-trained emergency response officers round-the-clock. The team assists in nearly 6,500 emergency cases in 108 and nearly 25,000 trips in 102 on any given working day,” he added.

Emergency medical relief is available to those who suffer cardiac arrests, pregnant women, those with burns, those who undergo trauma following road accidents or physical assault and those with infectious diseases, requiring immediate hospitalisation. At present, there are 1488 vehicles traversing the state under this scheme making it the largest ambulance service running successfully in India.

Thank you, Akhilesh for improving medical facilities and working for the development of the health sector in the state.