Whenever we talk about the police force, people have a lot of negative sentiments attached to it. The reason for this is that the armed forces are more than often blamed for all the crime and wrong-doings across the country. People prefer to stay away from them albeit get in trouble. But this one man serving UP Police has done his bit to make the people and entire police force proud and respected. This is the story of Sandeep Tomar!

Sandeep is a part of UP Police Crime Branch’s SWAT team and hails from Bijnaur, Uttar Pradesh. He was admitted in the police force in 1996 and posted in Noida. One evening after his shift, he was talking to a tea vendor and learned that a poor rickshaw puller, Shyampal, was in depression. Shyampal, who lived in the neighbourhood had 3 daughters and no means to finance their wedding. He was now on bedrest because of all the worrying.

To help Shyampal, Sandeep decided to take the onus of his daughters’ weddings upon himself. Not just that, Sandeep also collected donations from people living in the locality and got Shyampal treated.

After this incident, there was no stopping Sandeep. After Noida, when he was transferred to Barauliya, he met Ramphool. Ramphool was in the same situation as Shyampal. Ramphool’s daughter Hitlesh was engaged to Raju, but the family had no money to fund the wedding. Sandeep stepped in to bear the expenses and also invited officials at high posts to attend the wedding and bless the couples.

With people like Sandeep Tomar in UP Police, the people of the state can feel safe and secure.