Walk of Hope is a ‘padyatra’ for peace and harmony organized by the Manav Ekta Mission. It is proposed to cover 7500 km, starting from Kanyakumari and ending at Kashmir. The journey was flagged off on 12th January 2015, and is estimated to cover the apropos distance in 15-18 months. It is led by Sri M, the founder of the organization.

The motive behind this movement is that the assembly will cover 15-20 km in a day and halt at a pre-determined village or town. The evening will be spent with the locals and they will be introduced to inter-faith prayers and dialogues which will spread harmony. The Walk of Hope also aims at finding systems and arrangements for a long term life employment, women empowerment, community health, spreading education, and youth development.

The excursion team, is at present, in our state of Uttar Pradesh and few members of the team were facilitated by our Hon’ble Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. He welcomed Mr. Pankaj Kakkar and Mr. P.N. Shanvas, appreciating their efforts and objectives. He also confirmed to be present at their Kanpur halt to further help and push their agenda.

The Walk of Hope is open to one and all, with religion and cast being no bar. Akhilesh Yadav urges more and more people to take part in this movement and propagate it. 

Image Source:  UPNews360