Seeing the harsh weather conditions in the drought-hit region of Bundelkhand, the entire state has come together as one. Help is pouring in from Akhilesh Government along with the residents of the entire state. Very recently we came across a few pictures which made us extremely proud of our government officials.

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These pictures are of the Banda DM, Yogesh Kumar who has taken it upon himself to save the drying natural resources of water. Tired of the worsening weather conditions and the heat depleting the water resources, he marched out with a spade and started digging the existing wells. On seeing the DM cleaning the wells of slime and other residues, the residents of the area also came out to lend a hand.

Accompanying Yogesh Kumar, the district’s CDO, ADM, SDM, could also be seen along with other government officials. Such an act from a high ranking officer motivated the people to come forward and do their bit in saving water. Such an initiative will create storage space for water as and when the monsoon arrives.

This young DM who was elected to the position in March 2016 has surprised the people at more than one occasions. He has been paying uninformed visits to government schools to monitor the students and teachers in their natural act. Akhilesh Government has truly made great reforms to the system and raised the standards of the society. The entire body of civil servants congratulated him on social media platform for his humane act.

Story 204_Social Samajwadi


Social Samajwadi is proud of this young bureaucrat and upholds him as a perfect role model who believes in practising rather than preaching.