The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav, is also known as the Digital CM and rightly so. From helping people who ask for help on social media to making the system transparent by introducing e-voting, the state has come a long way, since 2012. He has realized that to connect with people on more ground level and to understand their issues, one must take the help of the internet. Else, it would be impossible to reach out to the huge population of the state individually. This has resulted in multiple problems being resolved quickly.

But with ‘great power comes greater responsibility’, the CM realizes that the social media is also being misused by a lot of people. Hence, to curb that, the UP government is considering enacting a separate cyber law at the state level. TO make this a possibility, there is software developed by the UP government to trace any derogatory or obnoxious post on social media.

The state police has also been equipped with the modern tools to keep a check on the activities going on the various social media platforms. Such initiatives will definitely make the people feel more secure, online and offline.