An authoritative voice and a strict demeanour is what we associate with the police, but not anymore. This one incident in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh changed the perception people had of policemen. It was Sunday, when the SO of Barra Station, Tulsiram Pandey, received a WhatsApp message and decided to inspect a particular area. He found 2 dead bodies surrounded by five weeping

He was deeply affected by this incident and when he found out that they have no money for the last rites, he along with the CO provided financial aid. When the Akhilesh Yadav-led government heard this story, they enrolled the five daughters in schools and sent them free ration.

This crisis happened with Manoj Dikshit’s family who was earlier diagnosed with Oral Cancer. The family lost their property and money in the treatment. He succumbed to the disease and lost his life, seeing which, his mother too passed away. When Pandey witnessed the situation with teary eyes, he immediately took out Rs. 3,000 and offered it to the family to help them
support themselves.

The CO gave Rs. 20,000 to the family for other rites. As per the government’s order, Rs. 50,000 have been given to the family along with ration and basic necessities. Such heart warming stories restore the faith in humanity.