June 14th marked a sad day for families in Noida who lost their loved ones in an accident. In Kaasna, there was a head on collision between a dumper and an auto which resulted to be fatal for four people. This accident took place late in the evening on a relatively deserted area.

When this news reached Akhilesh Yadav, he was deeply saddened. He extended his condolence to the family and financial help of Rs. 2 lakh each. Seeing such careless mishaps happening on the roads, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has asked the police officials to become stricter.  Following incidents like these, he has even launched a Road Safety Cell, whose main objectives are:

  1. Awareness about Road Safety
  2. Strengthening Institutional Arrangements
  3. Establish Road Safety Information Database
  4. Ensure Safe Road infrastructure
  5. Safer Vehicles and Safe Drivers
  6. Road Safety Education and Training
  7. Enforcement of Traffic Laws
  8. Emergency Medical Assistance to Road Accident Victims

Social Samajwadi hopes people will be more careful in the future and such incidents will not happen.