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Prerna Sharma an 18-year-old girl from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh is often referred to as the ‘memory girl’. Let us see the extra ordinary talent of this young girl who won a place in Asia Book of Record in July 2016 to get the above-mentioned title. She recited 150 numbers from memory, written in random order only by glancing at them for 60 seconds. And then amazed the people further by reciting them in reverse order.

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At the event, she sent a video of the entire show to Limca Book of Records who had never registered someone with similar capacities. But once they saw this amazing act, Prerna Sharma won a spot in their books. In August 2016, she received an acceptance e-mail informing her about the same.

The young girls was thrilled but gave all the credit to her mother for this feat. According to Prerna, it was only because of her mother’s tireless efforts to provide her with the best education while making the ends meet after they lost her father at a very early age. The mother-daughter duo take tuitions to sustain themselves financially.

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After this, Prerna is unstoppable. She wants to break her own record till she can make it to the Guinness Book of World Records. The current world record is held by Arvind Pashupati from Canada with 270 numbers and we wish Prerna all the best to go beyond it.