Nirbhaya Gang Rape Case which happened in 2012 still gives a run of goose bumps on even the slightest mention. But that incident made a lot of women stand up for their rights, all over the country. This lead to the formation of Red Brigade who are fighting for women empowerment, on a daily basis, at grass root level.

Red Brigade Lucknow is formed by a group of Survivors of Sexual Violence under the leadership of Usha Vishwakarma. While conducting a workshop with teenaged girls, Usha discovered that most of the participants (53 out of 55) were sexually assaulted in their own houses by their own family members or close relatives. This workshop broke their belief that the girls are safe at home. Hence, along with a group of 15 girls, most of them the victim of one or other form of sexual assault decided to fight back.

Red Brigade is organizing a 14-day event in Uttar Pradesh, starting from Lucknow which will spread awareness about the importance of self-defence training. ‘Suraksha Sammaan’ will commence on 16th December and end on 29th December, 2016. During this foot rally the parents will be addressed and convinced to ensure that their girl child takes such training.




The rally will move through slum areas, schools, and colleges and target girls of all ages. Usha says, “We are trying to make Lucknow, country’s first fully aware city where every single girl will know the importance of self-defence. Post which we will ensure that all girls – young or old, are trained. Uttar Pradesh girls will stand out in all walks of life.”

During Suraksha Sammaan, these social workers will give inspiration of women who took part in the war of Independence fought in 1857. Today’s girls will be reminded of their capabilities and taught to stand up for their rights just like these brave women who stood up against the British Rule.

Amidst rise in cases of crime against women all across the country, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has directed the officials to introduce martial arts training for girls in schools and colleges so that they can learn self-defence. Women Powerline, an internationally acclaimed 24×7 helpline has yet again proved how serious the young CM is about women safety and empowerment.

Social Samajwadi urges the people of Uttar Pradesh to show their full support to Red Brigade and spread awareness about such sensitive issues.