A lot is being said about women empowerment and their sanitation and hygiene by political parties, all over the world. But something happened in Uttar Pradesh which left everyone amazed. Kanpur saw, the first of its kind, air conditioned toilet, exclusively for women. This is a pilot initiative by the Samajwadi Party as a part of the Sustainable Comprehensive Hygiene Project.

Akhilesh Yadav, the young Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has made many such projects possible in accordance with the right corporate. This particular toilet comes with proper flush facilities and was constructed with Rs. 5 lakh. The provision is free of cost, for everyone.

At an event, the People’s CM said, “The government has taken historical decisions for ensuring women safety and their empowerment… started schemes for their education, economic independence, and health concerns and they are now showing results but a lot still remains to be done.”

“This is the first air-conditioned toilet in Beconganj area, which sees a footfall of around 10,000 women customers, particularly during weekly ‘bazar’ (market) on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. The land (around 267 sq ft) has been provided by Kanpur Municipal Corporation,” said Samajwadi Party worker Suhail Ahmed.

There are talks of more such toilets being constructed across the state, at various places. Since this is a pilot project the team is testing the waters by hosting up in market areas or busy junctions and then they can predict the other 100 locations. Such initiatives by the state government will improve the hygiene standards of women and also keep them safe from related illness.