Chief minister Akhilesh Yadav on 16th November inaugurated Gomti Riverfront in Lucknow. This is UP Government’s biggest eco-friendly project has no parallels in the country. It has been planned in a manner to make it a tourist destination, a leisure spot, and greenery conservation hub. All this will spread prosperity amongst the people and at the same time boost employment.

At the inauguration, Akhilesh Yadav said, “Samajwadi Party government had set an example for balanced development and timely completion of projects. Not only Gomti, we have developed so many other beautiful and leisure spots like the Janeshwar Mishra Park, the Lohia Park, Jai Prakash Narayan International Centre in Lucknow for the people.” The young CM congratulated the engineers and officials who worked towards the timely completion of the project during the ceremony.


The river is to have a water transport facility which will link the Old City to the new Lucknow. A diaphragm wall has been constructed on both the banks of Gomti, channelizing the water-way. The land between the water-way and the embankment has been developed for public use by developing a cycle track, a jogging track, walking track, kids play area and facility of toilet, potable water and parking at every 500 metres. A water bus will also ply the river, come December. A lake has also been developed which would have a musical fountain, place for yoga, a wedding ground, 2000-person capacity amphitheatre and stadium for playing football and cricket. The bridges flagging the area have been illuminated with colourful lights, making it look quite spectacular at night.



The Green CM also announced that at least 6,000 trees will be planted along the river. These trees will be imported from other states and make the area, a ‘mini-NBRI’. He said, “The idea is to not only conserve species that are threatened but also to make it a place of relevance and value to plant researchers.” Consultants have chosen 79 species that will be planted on either side of the 8 kms stretch. The people of UP will soon be able to enjoy exotic flora right in the heart of the city. This aims to reduce pollution and improve fauna.


The people attending the ceremony were thrilled and excited to visit the brand-new Riverfront. And like this wasn’t enough, the CM also inaugurated the newly-built Ghaus Mohammad stadium on the occasion. The stadium has been named after ace lawn tennis player Gaus Mohammad, who was the first Indian to make it to the quarter finals of the Wimbledon tennis championship. This stadium will be able to host both cricket and football.

Akhilesh Yadav has proved, yet again, that he believes in delivering and not just make false promises on keeping the rivers clean but do nothing for their preservation and revitalization. Social Samajwadi is looking forward to many more projects which are underway in the state.