The area of Bundelkhand is parched and the people are wishing for a miracle. The Uttar Pradesh government has left no stone unturned to provide help to the region. From providing free ration to the families to installing hand pumps and from giving Samajwadi Pension to demobilizing water tankers, the Akhilesh Yadav-led government is trying very hard to restore the lives of people.

The Centre government announced that they will be sending 6 water filled tankers to Bundelkhand. Now it is imperative to focus on the population of the drought hit areas. Jhansi, with a population of more than 20 lakh, Hamripur with 11 lakh, Mahoba with 8 lakh, Jalaun with 16 lakh, Lalitpur with 12 lakh, Banda with 17 lakh, and Chitrakoot with 9 lakh were supposed to suffice on SIX tankers.

The Government of India was supposed to fill the water trains from Baan Sangar Dam in Kota, Rajasthan enroute to Mahoba via Jhansi. But when the train reached Jhansi, everyone was in for a surprise! The Centre Government FORGOT to fill water in these trains.

This was brought to the Chief Minister’s attention through a micro blogging site. He immediately instructed the Jhansi DM to look into the matter, who confirmed the news. According to the report submitted by him, there was NO WATER in any of the train tankers.

I guess, no one will ever know, whether this was an honest mistake or another political agenda or just a practical joke on the needy by the Central Government.

The State is already working on ensuring people get water by distributing it from the available resources via tankers but required support from the Centre for this, which never came.